Whitby - a beautiful coastal town. . .

This beautiful coastal town has a working harbour which is a hub of activity.

On the east side of the swing bridge is the old part of Whitby, littered with quaint buildings and alley ways. The cobbled streets lead  to the 199 steps which end at St Marys Church at the top of the cliff. Here you can see the remains of the famous Whitby Abbey.

The west side is more modern in parts with the main shopping street and its many cafes and fish & chip shops. Landmarks include the huge whalebone arch and Captain Cook's monument, both sited at the top of West cliff looking down over the harbour entrance.

For more information go to.......    www.visitwhitby.com      www.yorkshire-coast.co.uk

"We are absolutely in love with Whitby and definitely look forward to returning for a longer stay!"   Radoslav

"Fantastic place and a great location!" Monica